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Feds confiscate another four ranches owned by ex-governor César Duarte

Chihuahua — Another four properties belonging to ex-governor César Duarte have been confiscated by federal officials.

The most recent seizures were the work of the state prosecutor’s office who appropriated four ranches in the state, taking the total amount of confiscated properties to 20.

Land from the latest seizures brought the total to more than 40,000 hectares and were found to house numerous animals including horses, wild bores, New Zealand cattle and exotic animals such as buffalo and llamas.

The state government says that federal officials confiscated the land because they are under the presumption that it was acquired with illicit resources.

“During the ministerial inquiries, it was established that the ranches were acquired directly by César Horacio Duarte Jáquez during the time he served as governor of the state.”

“Inside the property El Rebaje known as The Reserve were found exotic and / or collectible animals, of which include 30 bison, five llamas and various herds of wild boar specimens,” read the government statement.

The most recent properties seized were El Rebaje with an area of 466 hectares, Mesa de Chávez of over 755 hectares, Agostadero de Moreno number Two of 572 hectares and Rancho de En Medio of 551 hectares. The four ranches are all located in the municipality of Balleza.

The Office of the Prosecutor said that the properties were insured as a result of an investigation for illicit enrichment that follows Duarte and several members of his team of collaborators.

“With this there are now 20 properties insured from the former governor which were allegedly acquired with resources from the people of Chihuahua,” the Chihuahua government said.