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Federal tourism secretary reports Mexico to receive more tourists in 2019

Mexico City, Mexico — The new federal tourism secretary says that Mexico is likely to receive more than 44 million international tourists for 2019.

Miguel Torruco Marqués, federal tourism secretary reports that next year, they anticipate Mexico will reach 44.8 million international visitors, an increase of 5.8 percent over 2018.

“In 2018, according to the trend from January to September, the closure figures will show 42.4 million tourists which is 4.6 percent more than in 2017,” he stressed.

He explained that in 2017, the national hotel infrastructure was 22,000 thousand establishments with 800,600 hotel rooms, and by the end of 2018, it is estimated to be 23,200 establishments with 834,000 hotel rooms, equivalent to a growth of 5.5 percent and 4.9 percent respectively.

Torruco Marqués added that the Tourism Promotion Council of Mexico has been eliminated, an organization that had been in charge of coordinating, designing and operating tourism promotion strategies at a national and international level.

“The elimination is a fact. We are going to be a non-obese state, more productive. We are going to give results with two sub-secretariats, not with three, not on the number of tourists, but on the largest economic outcome.”