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Federal police seize drugs, counterfeit money at Cancun airport

Cancun, Q.R. — Federal police at the Cancun airport seized nearly 25,000 peso in fake bills along with drugs they found in packages bound for Cancun this week.

In a routine review of incoming packages, federal police found the counterfeit money in a FedEx Express package. When opened, they found 66 500-peso bills along with smaller denominations that totaled 24,600 peso in fake money.

The money was determined fake after being passed under black light.

Photo: Policía Federal Mx

Earlier this week, federal police, with the aid of their narcotics dogs, also seized a DHL package that contained one kilo of marijuana. The package was labeled with the full name of the person for pick up.

Police also found an Estafeta package that held two kilos of methamphetamine. It had arrived from Culiacán. That package was bound for a private home in the Cantabria subdivision of SM 97 in Cancun.