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Federal police request additional 200 for state border security

Chetumal, Q.R. — Federal police in the state have requested additional bodies to reinforce security along the Quintana Roo border.

Juan Manuel Ayala Guarro of the Federal Police of Quintana Roo, says they have requested additional 200 members to reinforce security in the southern zone of the state.

“To strengthen the southern border and the southern zone, I have asked for 200 more police members since the Gendarmerie has 143 elements in the Hotel Zone of Cancun taking care of tourism,” he said in an interview.

“What we do is intensify security on roads and in the city. Right now the priority is the northern zone where homicides and everything happen, but we are working in coordination with the navy, the army and other corporations,” he explained.

Ayala Guarro says that the strategy is to achieve a “peninsular seal” in conjunction with the coordinators of Yucatan and Campeche to avoid a possible “cockroach effect”.

He stressed that they have had meetings with the new municipal authorities and hopes that once the councils’ agendas are more relaxed, they will be able to talk more about the joint security strategies.