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Federal police in Cancun make six year old honorary officer

Cancun, Q.R. — Federal police in Cancun had an honorary officer Sunday who oversaw roll call as well as the inspection of clothing, weapons and equipment.

Wearing a full uniform, six-year-old Brandon Alexander Rodríguez was made an honorary member of the Cancun police force after his family and members of the Aitana Foundation along with the Air, Regional Security, Gendarmerie and Federal Forces divisions, helped make his wish come true.

Wanting to be a police officer when he “gets big”, the six-year-old had his wish granted as he walked hand-in-hand between a row of federal officers with Juan Manuel Ayala Guarro, the state coordinator of the Federal Police in Quintana Roo.

For Brandon, inspections began at 10:00 a.m. Sunday with his friends and family watching. From a distance, his parents were visibility moved with tears of joy at seeing their son’s wish come true. Brandon was responsible for inspecting the uniforms and officer credentials of four divisions as well as weapons and equipment.

Honorary Officer Brandon Alexander Rodríguez Olivares is in his third year of preschool and belongs to the Aitana Foundation. He was elected Honorary Officer in recognition of his great effort, courage and perseverance in the fight to overcome brain cancer.

Casa Aitana provides psychological, spiritual and health support to children with cancer and their families in Quintana Roo who are treated in the hospitals in Mérida, Chetumal, Mexico City and Queretaro.