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Federal police celebrate 90 years in Cancun ceremony

Cancun, Q.R. — The city of Cancun celebrated 90 years of the federal police service noting that now, they must work to recover the peace lost due to eroded institutions.

“The Federal Police represents for Mexico and Quintana Roo peace, tranquility and coordinated work for the good of our citizens. It is a fundamental pillar of the institutional order of our country,” Governor Carlos Joaquín said while attending the commemorative ceremony.

He said that as governor of Quintana Roo, they need to work on a common project with which peace and tranquility are sought due to the complicity of governments that eroded the institutions.

He indicated that the Federal Police today, after 90 years, adds will and effort to work to restore everything that was lost and ensure the safety of the people.

“We want to live in peace and tranquility and we will build them together, in unity, with healthy institutions so that we can regain the trust of the people,” he added.

During the event, Governor Carlos Joaquín, accompanied by Manelich Castilla Graviotto, commissioner general of the Federal Police and Commissioner Juan Manuel Ayala Guarro, coordinator of the Federal Police in Quintana Roo, unveiled the plaque commemorating the 90th anniversary of the Federal Police.

Manelich Castilla Graviotto, commissioner general of the Federal Police, said that the current profile of the federal policeman is built on the basis that the best formula to address security challenges is to work hand in hand with society, building bridges and links with citizens through actions that favor the reconstruction of the social fabric.