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Federal police arrest man for allegedly heading drug dealers aimed at tourists

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. – Federal agents have detained a man who is the alleged head of a network of drug dealers in central Playa del Carmen aimed at tourists.

The man, who is reported to be Moroccan-born, was taken into custody on Constituyentes Avenue in the Ejidal neighborhood. Police were aware of the Quintana Roo-plated Nissan Versa associated with the group. Once spotted, the vehicle was pulled over, which is when the driver attempted to flee.

Reports say the man is the alleged ringleader of a foreign network of drug dealers responsible for the sale of narcotics aimed at tourists in Fifth Avenue bars. Allegations say he heads a crew of at least 15 and is also responsible for extortion against hotel managers and other business owners.

Photo: Agentes de la Policía Federal

Federal police have identified the man as Mounir N, who when arrested, was in possession of a Mexican voter’s card in his name. After a search, police also found numerous items including cash in various denominations, a gun and more than 100 street-packages of various drugs.

He was handed over to the Attorney General’s Office. Police say that information on the man was made through a citizen complaint.