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Federal officials find millions in cash, guns, crime lists in Cancun security box search

Cancún, Q.R. — After a search of security boxes at Cancun’s First National, federal officials find millions in cash along with firearms and crime lists.

A public apology was offered by the Attorney General’s Office (PGR) to users of the FNS security boxes who have not yet been able to obtain their belongings.

In a press conference, the deputy prosecutor of the PGR, Alberto Elías Beltrán, explained that half of the boxes have not yet been claimed and presumably belong to organized crime.

In total 1,540 boxes were seized by Seido in October. Elías Beltrán specified in half of the boxes they have already investigated, they found millions of peso, debit / credit card clones, listings of properties of organized crime and weapons of different calibers, adding that 25 different nationalities have been linked to the criminal activity.

“These findings give us the certainty that organized crime used these boxes to deposit supplies as a result of crime and as a place to store information to commit more illegal acts,” he said.

The official offered his apologies to the users and promised to speed up the procedures for the return of their belongings to those who have no links of any kind with crime or illegal content adding that they are doubling staff to sort through the box content quicker.

He said that for the nearly half of unclaimed security boxes, those are the ones in particular that will be thoroughly investigated.