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Federal leaders confident Trump will not affect Mexico tourism

Cancun, Q.R. — The Federal Tourism Secretariat (Sectur), the Secretary of Tourism of the State of Quintana Roo (Sedetur) and the Office of Visitors and Conventions (OVC) in Cancún are confident that the newly-elected US president will not affect tourism.

State representatives like Alejandro Nava Alatorre from Sectur say that Trump may deplete the external flow but not the internal one, which will only strengthen domestic tourism.

“That is an economic base and in the face of a crisis, there is no better option than the domestic one”, he says.

Secretary of Tourism of Quintana Roo, Marisol Vanegas Perez, says that the Cancún-Tulum corridor is the number one destination for North American tourists outside the country and feels that Trump will not have a huge effect upon the tourism sector because “the industry moves millions in the United States and cannot be stopped by the vision of one person.”

She adds that, “In his campaign, Trump manifested everything he wanted against Mexico and the Mexican people, and his words did not affect the influx” pointing out that “of the 19 million tourists that arrive annually to Mexico, approximately 45 percent are Americans.”

Vanegas Perez also points out that, “Selling trips to Mexico is a big business for the United States.”

Liliana Bravo, Public Relations Officer for the Mexican Association of Women Entrepreneurs (Ammje), feels that the situation in the Riviera Maya “Will not change at this moment despite the fact that they chose Trump for the presidency, but it will certainly change some policies.”

However, others such as Ministry of Employment and Social Security coordinator, Enrique González Contreras say, “I am not a political expert, definitely not, but something I can tell you as part of tourism, when the dollar goes up it’s better for Quintana Roo because foreigners who live here are able to have more things.”

Cristina Torres Gómez, municipal president of (Playa del Carmen) Solidaridad points out that, “Solidaridad is launching a message that we are ready for investments. We are focused and open to the diversification of tourism.”

Head of College of Counseling Professionals of the Riviera Maya, Maria Elena Mata Pineda, says the national currency will find stability as days go by.

“I do not see it as something negative, but instead is something that should make us recognize who we are and what position we are in. Americans are the ones who should worry about having the president. We just have to keep working and believing that investments are not going to stop and that US tourism is not going to go down but instead, the condition of the dollar will motivate them.”

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