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Federal government proposing new beach recovery system for hotels

Cancun, Q.R. — In an attempt to recover the beaches of the different tourist destinations, the Federal Government is proposing that the hotels carry out the necessary work with their own resources. This would mean recovering with their money but not having to pay the usage fees associated with the federal maritime land zone.

The motion was revealed by the federal secretary of Tourism, Enrique de la Madrid Cordero during his recent visit to Cancun. De la Madrid pointed out that in December, he saw how Mayakobá recovered its beaches using their own resources, for which he will use as an example in a meeting with the governor and municipal presidents to further explore this possibility for other hotels.

“Some companies should make these investments and credit them against zofemat fees,” the secretary said.

If accepted, it would mean that the municipal governments, which charge the federal zofemat tax, would be left without this source of resources, so it’s important they analyze the situation carefully, he noted.

De la Madrid did not rule out that this program could start this year in Quintana Roo and be replicated in other states.

The official said that the constant recovery of beaches is a general problem, possibly due to climate change, which means that a permanent recovery program is required.