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Federal forces seize 600 private security boxes in Cancun

Cancun, Q.R. — After denying the suspension of the amparo to the owner of the First National Security of Mexico security box company, more than a hundred people demonstrated outside the facilities that were guarded by state police as approximately 600 security boxes were inspected.

The mass inspection took place Saturday at the First National Security of Mexico where 600 security boxes out of 1,500 were seized by government officials. Owner of the security box company, Santiago Ancona, had applied for an Amparo to stop the search and seizure, however, he was unsuccessful.

State marine forces stood as human shields, barricading all entrance to the building while federal forces carried out their inspections.

Security box holders who became aware of the seizures held a rally and marched from Avenue Yaxchilan demanding to speak with the director of the Specialized Sub-Office for Investigation of Organized Crime.

A federal investigation folder from the Investigation of Organized Crime held the names of 600 people, both Mexican and foreign, who had their contents seized.

On-site authorities said the Amparo was denied and the boxes seized legally because it involves an organized crime affair that relates to a case of Seido de Puebla. Only security boxes with the listed names inside the tightly secured folder were seized. All other security boxes were left in place.

In August, organized crime leader Leticia Rodríguez, also known as Doña Lety, was arrested at a hotel in Puebla. Lety is accused of being the ringleader in charge of the trafficking of narcotics in the Cancun Hotel Zone.

At the beginning of October, two private security boxes belonging to ex-governor Roberto Borge were also searched and seized from the same Cancun company.