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Federal authorities destroy more than 460 guns at Cancun military base

Cancún, Q.R. — More than 460 guns were destroyed by federal authorities in Cancun Wednesday as part of a government clean to rid criminals of their weapons.

Cancun mayor, Remberto Estrada Barba, says that part of the problem is the amount of weapons in the hands of criminals. He described the event to destroy the guns as “very significant” saying that the weapons being removed from the streets around the state has an impact on violence since six out of every 10 homicides are committed with guns.

“The law is very clear, he explains, “There are restrictions on owning a weapon. The unfortunate thing is that all these weapons circulate in the black market. There are even cases where high caliber guns have been confiscated from minors.”

He explained that while it is good to remove as many weapons from the streets as possible, we must also remove them from the hands of criminals and prevent them from reaching children.

Estrada Barba congratulated the judicial and ministerial authorities for putting an effort into the issue of weapons in the state pending the new justice system.

In total, 467 weapons that included guns, an excess of 3,300 rounds of ammunition and two silencers were destroyed along with pieces of military clothing and gear used by criminals. The destruction of the weapons was done by the Secretariat of National Defense at the X Military Region in Cancun.

General Gustavo Nieto Navarro, commander of the X Military Region, said that citizens can also voluntarily surrender their weapons as part of the Weapons Exchange Program where they are awarded with incentives.

“The implementation of the Weapons Exchange Program is intended to promote the voluntary surrender of firearms, grenades and ammunition among citizens in exchange for incentives such as articles for domestic use.

“The goal of the program is to diminish tragic and violent acts within the family or community nucleus through a permanent campaign.”

He stressed that all weapons seized by the civil authorities are made available to the Secretariat of National Defense and all are destroyed.