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Federal agents seize chained tiger, monkey from private home

Chetumal, Q.R. — Federal agents of Profepa have rescued two wild animals that were being kept as pets in a private home.

Officers from the Federal Office of Environmental Protection (Profepa) seized a Bengal tiger and a Spider monkey from captivity in a private house located in the state’s capital city of Chetumal.

The federal agency released a statement saying that the inspection that led to the seizure of the animals was due to a December 2017 complaint, when the tiger had reportedly escaped from its pen. Profepa said they continued to receive neighborhood complaints about the animals and finally visited the home.

Once on site, federal inspectors found a large adult Bengal tiger chained to a coco tree suffering from limited movement. The tiger had two large chains, one around its neck, the other around its chest. The animal was also without any form of shelter or protection from the sun. They noted similar living conditions were found with the captive Spider monkey.

Profepa reported that the owner of the animals did not have any of the necessary permits, nor were the animals registered with the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources. Due to the lack of permits and poor living conditions, both animals were seized by federal agents.

The Bengal tiger was transferred to the Wildlife Management Site, Gran Santuario Mexicano Jaguar Negro Tigre Blanco, an animal sanctuary located outside Mexico City. There, the tiger will remain under -veterinary supervision until it is healthy enough to be released into the sanctuary.

The spider monkey remains with the Wildlife Conservation Management Unit until a suitable home becomes available. Profepa says the monkey needs a place where proper protection can be provided.

According to the General Law of Wildlife, offenses related to mistreatment of animals can lead to a sanction in addition to confiscation.