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Falling hotel debris sees 14 injured, one dead

Cancun, Q.R. — Part of a new hotel being constructed along the coast of Isla Mujeres collapsed Tuesday, injuring 14 and killing one.

Scaffolding for the new Palladium hotel that is being built on the coast of Isla Blanca fell yesterday, leaving a total of 15 crew members injured. According to the Red Cross, 15 workers from the site were hit by debris from a collapsing scaffold, leaving two workers in serious condition.

The hotel, which began construction in August 2016, was approximately 40 percent complete when the accident happened. Ulises Berman, Director of Civil Protection of Isla Mujeres, confirmed that there were 15 wounded masons who were transferred to the IMSS of Coba Avenue in Cancun.

He said the collapse was due to wind, which moved a scaffold from a wall causing it to fall on the workers. One worker, Jose Luis Alvarez, 35, said that strong winds were responsible for the collapse which resulted in nearly 3 meters of wall three floors up to fall on workers below.

One of the workers has since died of his injuries. Ministerial authorities reported that 60-year-old Eladilo Góngora of Tabasco arrived at the hospital shortly after 9:00 a.m. and died of head injuries approximately three hours later.

Civil Protection authorities did not say what fines would be imposed. Construction on the hotel is temporarily closed.