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Fake maintenance men enter Cancun OXXO, steal ATM

Cancun, Q.R. — Several people entered an OXXO convenience store in Cancun during the night hours while mascaraing as maintenance personnel in order to steal an ATM.

An OXXO located on Las Torres Avenue in central Cancun was approached by a women who requested to be let into the store to buy a jug of water. Normally the store is closed during night time hours, with business transactions taking place through a small sliding glass window.

Upon opening the door to allow the woman to enter, two men appeared. At gunpoint, the two store employees were ushered into the bathroom and locked inside. The men then proceeded to tape off the parking lot to make it appear as though it were under maintenance. They also painted over the video surveillance camera.

Police received a call from store employees at around 3:00 a.m. after managing to free themselves from the bathroom and discovering the ATM had been stolen.

Police say so far, they do not have any suspects.