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Fake Facebook job recruiter arrested in Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen, Q. R. — A young man posing as a job recruiter in Playa del Carmen has been arrested by police after being reported by one of his victims.

A young man posing as a recruiter to steal the identification and debit cards of job applicants had the tables turned after one potential applicant realized the scam and turned him in, but not before a physical altercation.

The man, who’s real name has not been released, posed as a recruiter for in-store brand promoters on Facebook under the name of Fernando. Luring unsuspecting women, the man would meet them in person in places such as Walmart and Super Aki where he promised to make them brand promoters inside these stores.

Before heading into the store however, they were instructed to leave their possessions in one of the store’s lockers. Once inside, he would return to the locker and steal their identification and other cards.

He allegedly demanded money for the return of the credentials and cards.

Municipal Police found the young man at a local Aki store, recognizing him from a previous bulletin. Upon reviewing the subject, police found nine voter cards, a driver’s license, a passport and 30 cards including gift-store and debit cards.