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Extreme temperatures in Baja California causing pelicans heatstroke

Mexicali, Baja California — The Federal Attorney for Environmental Protection reports that pelicans found in various parts of the city of Mexicali are showing signs of dehydration due to heat stroke.

The heat is affecting wildlife as more than 25 of Mexico’s states soar to record daytime temperatures with some states recording 48 degrees Celsius.

Wildlife personnel have been scouring the city looking for disorientated birds after numerous citizen complaints were called into the city’s C-4 command center. Residents have reported seeing pelicans that were disoriented and dehydrated with signs of weakness due to the extreme heat.

Inspectors of for Environmental Protection say so far, they have rescued eight pelicans noting that the birds were underweight and dehydrated. Of those rescued, only two were able to be released back into the wild. The others are still recovering at facilities at a city zoo.

The birds most affected are the Pelecanus occidentalis, commonly known as the Brown Pelican of California.

The environmental protection agency says anyone who sees a pelican in distress should try to shade it and give it water. They also ask that people call environmental authorities to rescue the bird.