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Extradition request made for ex-Chihuahua governor César Duarte

Mexico City, Mexico — The prosecutor’s office of Mexico (Procuraduría General de la República) has presented three formal requests for the extradition of Chihuahua’s former governor, César Duarte.

The extradition request was presented Thursday with the PGR working on eight others to follow up on the 11 criminal cases that were filed, said Alberto Elías Beltrán of the Office of the Attorney General.

“Thursday, the three formal requests for extradition against the person were filed and we are working to have all 11 requests filed that have been presented to us,” he explained.

He said that the corresponding procedures are being carried out with the foreign authorities in order to initiate the extradition proceedings, however, the name of the country for which the extradition request was sent is not being made public.

He recalled that the Attorney General of Chihuahua filed 10 criminal cases for corruption crimes in order to request the extradition of the former governor of Chihuahua.

The PGR is working hand-in-hand with the Attorney General of Chihuahua and is informed of each of the procedures that are carried out, said Elías Beltrán, insisting that they are not working with political overtones or under pressure of any kind.

The prosecutor’s office will also try to recover several properties of the former governor, which are located in Texas and New Mexico. Governor Javier Corral considered that the maximum sentence should be applied.

Governor Javier Corral will make the request to the US government in an attempt to repair state treasury damage, which is estimated at approximately 1.2 billion peso. So far, several Mexican properties of Duarte were seized, which authorities say were acquired by means of prestanombres.

In recent months, corruption scandals have led several former PRI governors and other officials to prison within months of the July presidential elections.