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Experiencias Xcaret announces opening date for Cancun Xavage park

Cancun, Q.R. — Experiencias Xcaret has officially presented their newest theme park, Xavage, which is located near their Xoximilco park at Cancun.

Carlos Constandse of Experiencias Xcaret announced the new park in January, but now, making the official announcement that the park is set to open December 10. Xavage is a new theme adrenaline park that offers visitors extreme trills by both land and sea.

Thrills at the park range from kayaking and children’s waterslides to monster trucks, speeding jet boats and whitewater rafting. Marco Hernández Díaz, director of operations of Xavage, says the park is outfitted with six 600-horsepower turbines made in South Korea for water power, similar to the systems used in Charlotte, North Carolina and New Zealand.

Photo: Xavage Park

Hernández Díaz commented that Xavage is a park of personal discovery for visitors who enjoy a challenge. The new attraction is located five minutes from the international airport of Cancun.

Adult packages for the park start at 1,063 peso for basic with the most expensive being 2,583 for the ultimate package. For children, package prices start at 912 peso and range up to 1,292 peso. Park visitors can opt for soft, hard, extreme or ultimate packages.

The total cost of the park came in just over $30 million USD. The company is already planning their next park, Xibalbá (meaning underworld in Mayan), for construction near Valladolid, Yucatan. The company says it will be ready for the summer of 2020.