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Ex-governor of Tabasco gets 10 years in prison for embezzlement

Tabasco, Mexico — The ex-governor of Tabasco has been sentenced to more than a decade in prison after being found guilty of embezzlement.

The announcement came from the Attorney General of Tabasco who reported that Andrés Granier, who served as governor of the state from 2007 to 2012, has been given a 10 year, 10 month prison sentence for his part in crimes of embezzlement.

The ex-politician belonged to the PRI and has also had his political rights removed while serving his prison sentence. Granier was found guilty for the diversion of more than 196 million peso from the state’s health care sector.

Through a statement, the state prosecutor’s office reported that Grainer has also been given a fine and is to reimburse the money removed from the public treasury.

The decision was made by the Third Criminal Court of First Instance, who found Granier guilty for the crime of embezzlement while in charge of the state. The prosecution said it will keep working to recover the missing financial resources that were diverted during the administration of Granier.