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Ex-governor Roberto Borge claims mental incompetence

Cancun, Q.R. — The State Attorney’s Office says they are still arguing the charges against former governor Roberto Borge Angulo, who now, they say, is claiming mental incompetence.

State Attorney General Miguel Pech Cen said the fight against Borge continues, adding the fight includes new arguments that the former governor suffered possible mental illnesses during his term.

“He is arguing some pretend mental illness to possibly lessen the weight of the law,” said Pech Cen. He added that in regards to the new argument of mental illness, expert examinations of doctors and specialists will be sought to dismantle the claims.

Pech Cen points out that they have also requested Borge’s transfer to the state of Quintana Roo where he has three warrants for his arrest issued by the Prosecutor’s Office, however, there is no date set for his transfer.

Roberto Borge Angulo is charged with crimes including money laundering and performance irregularities in excess of 12 billion peso during his term as governor of Quintana Roo. In January, he was extradited back to Mexico from Panama where he had been arrested and imprisoned for six months.

Borge Angulo is currently in Federal Center of Social Readaptation in the state of Morelos awaiting trial.