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Ex-former secretary of Urban Development under Borge pleads guilty

Cancun, Q.R. — The former secretary of Urban Development for the government of Roberto Borge Mauricio Rodríguez Marrufo, has admitted to being a co-participant in the diversion of resources against the public administration for more than 39 million pesos.

By choosing to bring an abbreviated trial in accordance with the new criminal procedures, the judge declared Rodríguez Marrufo as “confessed and guilty”, ordering him to restore 100 percent of the damages and will sentence him to the minimum imprisonment time in accordance with the criminal legislation.

The anti-corruption prosecutor of Quintana Roo, Rosaura Villanueva Arzápalo, accepted that the summary trial process will be applied to speed up the prosecution of justice as well as recover the patrimonial loss and declare the former public servant guilty of abusing his position.

Rodriguez Marrufo is accused of irregular performance of the public function, which could have resulted in an imprisonment penalty of up to three years, however by pleading guilty, his sentence will be the minimum six months in jail.

For pleading guilty, Marrufo will be sentenced by a judge to six months and two days in prison and a fine of 2,191 peso. He is also being held legally responsible for the diversion of more than 19 million peso of public funds.

Of the 39,733,176 peso diverted from that branch of funding under the Borge adminstration, Murrufo is being held 100 percent responsible to pay back his diverted portion of 19,866,588.

The anti-corruption prosecutor said that “the abbreviated procedure is a mechanism of decongestion of the judicial system, which has the purpose of making the application of justice more prompt and expeditious, which translates into benefits for both the victim or offended, and for the accused.”

Complaints were filed against the ex-state employee on December 12, 2016, for the crimes of embezzlement, irregular performance of the public function, abuse of authority and usurpation of functions.

Mauricio Rodríguez Marrufo has been in preventive detention in the Chetumal prison since May. As for his partner, the defendant Paulina Achach was granted parole and will continue her criminal proceedings in the ordinary manner.

Paulina Achach faces another criminal trial for an alleged deviation of more than nine million peso.