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Ex-director of VIP-Saesa arrested for irregularities

Chetumel, Q.R. — Carlos Alberto Acosta Gutiérrez, ex-director of VIP-Saesa (Servicios Aéreos Ejecutivos SA), has been arrested by ministerial agents.

The company VIP-Saesa was audited last year and found to have irregularities including the operation of flights and an irregular management of resources that consisted of more than 320 million peso as well as $40 million USD for airplane rentals.

Local congress found that during his term, the former governor of Quintana Roo Roberto Borge Angulo, spent more than one billion peso on air services paid to foreign companies and one company in particular out of Veracruz.

The contract with VIP-Saesa started in 2011 and concluded in 2016. Under the contract, a rental agreement for two aircraft is agreed upon. One of the aircraft is contracted for 100 hours per month, while the other for 50 hours per month with a total cost of 13.5 million peso per month, paid for by the government.

During 2014, a helicopter was also contracted out for 25 hours per month costing taxpayers just over 1.6 million peso per month for that entire year.

The Attorney General of the State reported that the investigative work carried out by the Ministerial Police was able to complete an arrest warrant issued against the accused, Carlos Alberto Acosta Gutiérrez, former director of  VIP-Saesa, the state government’s airline from where Borge made and subcontracted flights for him, his family and his principal officials at the expense of the treasury.

Carlos Alberto Acosta is charged with the crime of irregular civil service performance.