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European embassies question Tulum evictions, request full investigation

Tulum, Q.R. – Several European embassies have sent a joint letter to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Mexico expressing their concern regarding the recent mass evictions in Tulum.

Embassies of France, Italy, Portugal and the Netherlands have sent a letter to the Mexican Ministry of Foreign Affairs expressing grave concern about the eviction of hotels in Tulum on June 17. In their letter, they have asked the foreign ministry to intercede for a “deep and serious investigation” into the case.

The official letter, bearing the seals of the four embassies, questioned the eviction of the hotels and investors that were allegedly evicted without notice.

The diplomatic document dated July 5 says, “The above mentioned embassies are not judging the status of each evicted hotel, but want to appeal to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for competent authorities to make a thorough and serious investigation to determine all righteousness according to the Law of the Rights of Operators and Investors of Hotels in the area of Tulum.”

Sources from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs they say the agency did not receive the document. The Mexican government said it had no position regarding this situation. The Foreign Ministry said that they will evaluate the issue but declined to give a position.

According to the Ministry of Economy, during 2015, the Netherlands and France each made a direct foreign investment of $836.8 million dollars, while Italy and Portugal invested $393.3 million. The Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in these four countries are now calling on the Mexican government to thoroughly investigate the situation in which more than $2 billion in properties and investments of its citizens were affected.

Tulum is not the only place to be affected by such evictions. A labor, civil and commercial judgement that began in 2011 has seen, to date, authorities forcibly evict 28 farms, 26 hotels and 13 private residences along the coastal strip of Ejido Jose Maria Pino Suarez.

The largest and most recent case referred to by the diplomatic offices of the four countries occurred on June 17 when owners and tenants of 16 hotels and three farms were evicted as a result of an oral civil trial.

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