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Environmental officers confiscate tarantulas prepared for taco filling

Mexico City, Mexico — Environmental officers in Mexico City have confiscated four spiders that had been prepared for taco filling from a restaurant.

The confiscated spiders were four dead tarantulas that are on the endangered species list of Mexico. Officers from the Federal Attorney for Environmental Protection inspected the Mexico City restaurant Mexico en el Paladar located inside the Mercado de San Juan in the Colonia Centro de la Delegación Cuauhtémoc.

Photo: Profepa


Photo: Profepa

The visit was made after officials saw a video circulating on social media promoting the taco tarantula special for 500 peso. Inside the restaurant, environmental officers found four dead Tarantula Red Hips ready for consumption.

Tarantula Red Hips are listed in the International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora. The Mercado de San Juan restaurant is known for its menu of insects including worms, scorpions, escamoles (ant eggs) and grasshoppers.