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Emergency 066 offering new service

Cancun, Q.R. – A new strategy to step up public safety is being put into place by the department of Public Security, Transit and Fire (Seguridad Pública Tránsito y Bomberos).

The new program, called Security Number, uses the traditional 066 emergency number but with a twist.

As explained by the director of the police corporation, Martin Sanchez Guadalupe Estrada, the program is set up so that local citizens register with the 066 system voluntarily.

When citizens register their full name, phone number and home address, emergency calls can then be expedited.

If a person is registered and, at some point calls 066 for an emergency, patrol crews will be sent to your address even if you’re in a position of not being able to speak.

Emergency 066 is part of the current C4 system (Computer Control and Command Center) in Cancun.

Sanchez Estrada says that this will be the first program of its kind in Mexico. He adds that the Security Number system in New York acted as a precursor to the program that is being implemented in the state of Quintana Roo.

For now, as long as citizens are registered with the 066 system, help will be sent to the registered home address. However, Seguridad Pública Tránsito y Bomberos are not ruling out the possibility of extending the program from home help to involve a GPS system that can locate a victim regardless of where they are. In that event, it would likely be in the form of an app that could be downloaded on smartphones.

Sanchez Estrada notes that typically there are 45 calls per month of domestic violence, three calls per day for burglary and up to 16 calls per weekend regarding violent alcohol-related arguments.

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