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Emergency 066, C4 workers refuse to work for lack of payment

Cancun, Q.R. — Employees for Cancun’s C4 base have refused to work for what they say is lack of salary payment.

Employees with the Control Center of Command, Communications and Computer (C4) that monitors live camera feeds and emergency 066 calls throughout the region, say they have not received their salaries for more than a month. It is for this reason nearly half of the staff have stopped showing up for their shifts.

Earlier this week, there was a two-day period where they say no one was in the center to monitor the video surveillance feeds. The people who monitor the feeds and respond to the emergency 066 calls are specially trained individuals. They say that the 066 emergency feature alone requires between nine and 12 people at all times.

On Thursday, only three of the usual nine required to manage the video feeds arrived to the C4 base for their shift. C4 employees say that the director of C4, Julio César Salcedo Meneses, has done nothing to ensure their salary payments, but instead, ignores their requests.

Employees of the critical service explained that for the past three months, they have experienced either lack of payment or delays of more than 20 day in salary payments. They say they are on the state government payroll and have not been given any reason as to why their salaries are delayed.

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