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Elizabeth Warren has presidential support if “need be”

More than 90 directors, actors and musicians took part in an effort to draft Senator Elizabeth Warren into the 2016 presidential race if “needbe”.

Big names including Edward Norton, Chloë Sevigny, Mark Ruffalo, Michael Moore and Susan Sarandon are part of a bigger group called Artists for Warren.

“Income inequality hurts us all and we need someone who isn’t afraid to call out a political system that is great for big corporations but fails America’s middle class and working families,” is part of an open letter written to the Massachusetts Democrat by Artists for Warren.

In regards to her fight against the approved $1.1 trillion spending bill that would fund most of the government and loosen rules against Wall Street banks, Warren said, “I am glad to be in leadership, I am grateful to have a place at the table, but my priorities haven’t changed,” she said. “I’m gonna stand up and fight for what I believe in.”

Although the populist Democrat who reignited liberal hopes of a 2016 campaign bid said four times: “I’m not running for president,” Artists for Warren has signed up with Democracy for America and to show the senator she has support for a 2016 campaign.

Ruffalo has been in Warren’s corner for a while and frequently shows his support on social media.

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