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Electronic devices with built in vision correction on the way

The visually challenged will no doubt be pleased to learn that LiveScience scientists have developed a transparent ‘vision-correcting display’ made for smartphones, tablets and even eReaders, making it easier to read the screen.

The enhancer is a software program made to correct bad vision. It works by going on the screen of an electronic device, making a copy of the screen’s image, then projecting it at a distance that the user can easily bring into focus.

Currently, device adjustments are entered into the software based on information about a person’s specific problem, however, MIT scientist Gordon Wetzstein suggests that in the future, it’s expected that an optometrist’s prescription could be entered directly.

The technology is geared toward people with vision challenges such as astigmatism, nearsightedness, farsightedness, double vision and even those who have trouble with night vision. Wetzstein says, “Today, of course, we have contact lenses and surgery, but it’s all invasive in the sense that you either have to put something in your eye, wear something on your head, or undergo surgery. We have a different solution that basically puts the glasses on the display, rather than on your head.”

Although this new technology may one day even extend to vehicles in the way of GPS units and odometers, it will not solve the general blurry problem by bringing everyday objects into focus.


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