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Electoral Court says Laura Fernández Piña is victor of Puerto Morelos election for mayor

Puerto Morelos, Q.R. — The Electoral Court of Quintana Roo says that Laura Fernández Piña will remain named victor in the recent elections as Mayor of Puerto Morelos.

The announcement came after a Tuesday session where the court resolved the challenge filed by Juan Pablo Aguilera Bustamante, candidate of the alliance formed by Morena-PT, Ludivina Menchaca of PAN-PRD-MC and Eloisa Zetina of Encuentro Social.

By common accord, the three losing candidates wanted the election to be annulled since they alleged irregularities committed by the same polling officials who counted the votes of the presidential election that won president-elect, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador.

Magistrates of the electoral tribunal unanimously voted in favor of Fernández Piña remaining victor, saying that were was no justified reason to annual the election outcome.

In July, a nullity suit was filed against Puerto Morelos mayor Laura Fernández by those objecting her electoral victory. Parties of Morena, PT, PRD, Movimiento Ciudadano and PES filed a nullity suit against the PRI and the Green Party claiming electoral irregularities during the July 1 elections.