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Election nominees to be screened for corruption links

In a bold move to eliminate political candidates linked to corruption from holding positions, all election nominees are to be screened.

The level of public uncertainty in regard to ‘quality candidates’ became a focal point in 2009 when 55.2 percent of eligible voters did not cast ballots during the those midterm elections.

Although, according to statistical election records, Chamber of Deputies midterm elections do not appear to interest locals as much as presidency elections, they remain highly important as key positions are at stake including borough presidents, federal and local legislators, state governors and mayors.

While the political nominees run for the 2,159 available positions, the 87 million registered electorates hold the power with security being the center of current campaigns, due mostly to the recent problems in Michoacán and Guerrero.

Potential political leaders need to assure the people that a similar error, such as that of Guerrero’s crime-linked former mayor, José Luis Abarca, will not be repeated. In an attempt to ensure voting Mexicans the quality of their candidates, election nominees will be screened using a variety of methods including drug and lie detector tests as well as full transparency of each applicant.

With the new laws allowing re-election, the Democratic Revolutionary Party (PRD) says they will not risk nominating another Abarca. To avoid such a grave error, they have ensured a thorough assessment of all political applicants.

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