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Ejidos and environmentalists vow to fight development after sale of two Tulum lagoons

Tulum, Q.R. — The sale of two lagoons in Tulum has created a stir with both Ejido and environmentalists who say developments along the lagoons would be catastrophic.

Environmentalists are joining a list of those wanting to stop possible development after two Tulum lagoons were reportedly sold for developmental purposes. They say they will seek the intervention of environmental authorities because the ecosystem is at risk.

The two lagoons sold are environmental buffer zones and the habitat for many species also deemed to be at risk, which is why the Ministry of Environment is being asked to intervene.

Sara Madrigal, a biologist from the National Autonomous University of Mexico explained that developing in these areas considered a natural buffer zone would be catastrophe for the environment of the municipality of Tulum.

She also explained that in order to carry out such developments, there will be legal issues that the developers will not be able to comply with because first, according to the plan of local ecological order, the lagoons are zero density, that is to say that nothing can be developed in that area.

“The legal issues are necessary to put a total stop to this impunity and depredation of the flora and fauna of that region,” she said adding that being a lagoon or cenote, these belong to the Federation and are managed by Conagua in such a way that it would be practically impossible to make use of the land.

Another problem, she points out, would be that a lot of weak fauna and flora of the region would be at risk which would be a contradiction to the official Mexican standards of Semarnat which says that it is important to protect and care for the environment and species in danger of extinction.

Earlier this week, it became known that two Tulum lagoons, La Union and Kaan Luum, were sold for 350 million peso to investors for the development of condominiums and housing projects.

Ejido members of Tulum have already said they will seek the intervention of the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation to reverse the sale of the La Union and Kaan Luum lagoons.