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Eight tow truck companies suspended in Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — The Federal Procurator’s Office of the Consumer (Profeco) has suspended several tow truck operations in Playa del Carmen for a range of business anomalies.

A total of eight tow truck companies in the city have been suspended, either completely or partially. The most common reason for the suspension is the lack of tariff explanation in regard to the condition of their service.

Marisol Buitrón Rangel, sub-delegate of Profeco, confirmed the operation in which zero of the eight companies visited fulfilled the minimum requirements expected by authorities, saying that some were also unable to prove the service for which they charged, had been provided.

Although the federal official was unable to give detailed information on specific companies, five the companies affected by the suspension include Grúas Figueroa, Quality Grúas, Grúas del Sureste, Econogrúas and Grúas del Carmen.

The crane companies must rectify the issues as outlined by Profeco, by setting visible public prices and specifying the services provided in their receipts. They have five days to comply in order to have their suspensions lifted.

Regardless, all eight companies will receive fines ranging from 244,000 peso to 3.5 million peso.

“It’s an operation that we have not done for a while and now it’s time” said Buitrón Rangel, “To have all service providers inspected before the end of the year.”