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Eight members of criminal gang arrested in Cancun safe house

Cancun, Q.R. — Eight members of a drug trafficking group were arrested Tuesday afternoon in the Pehaltun neighborhood of Cancun after two members ran into a safe house.

The group was captured in an intense operation by the federal police after they located a safe house in region 505. The group was discovered while police were conducting security rounds in the area around 4:45 p.m.

Seeing two men carrying weapons on a motorcycle, police began to follow. When the men realized they were being followed, they headed toward a house where they ditched their motorcycle and ran inside.

Photo: PGR Cancun

More than 10 police units arrived and surrounded the house where they entered, arresting those inside. The eight men taken into custody ranged in aged from 20 to 26. Police also confiscated eight guns and three vehicles, two of which, they later discovered, were reported as stolen.

Those taken into custody were transported to federal facilities in an armored police unit. Police say the house remains under surveillance and will be thoroughly inspected once a search warrant has been granted.