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Eastern Mexico braces as Hurricane Katia lands tonight

Tampico-Veracruz, Mexico — Flooding and heavy rains are what’s in store for Mexico’s eastern coast as Hurricane Katia makes her way toward land.

The category 1 hurricane will unleash dangerous impacts across the eastern coast as early as tonight. Katia has been stewing in the Gulf of Mexico for nearly a week and has been gaining strength from the warm waters in the Bay of Campeche.

AccuWeather Hurricane Expert Dan Kottlowski says Hurricane Katia is slowly moving inland and is expected to hit between Tampico and Veracruz tonight. He notes that rough surf and beach erosion will continue along those areas until Katia hits land.

“The hurricane will bring strong and perhaps damaging winds to coastal areas within 50 to 60 miles of the landfall point,” Kottlowski said. “Rainfall totals will average 5 to 10 inches with localized 15- to 20-inch amounts. This will lead to life-threatening flash flooding and, for the higher terrain, mudslides.”

He says that Katia’s winds may be strong enough to down trees, damage weak structures including roof tops and could even trigger power outages.

There is a possibility that Katia could evolve into a Category 2 hurricane before making landfall bringing with her 154 to 177 km/h (96 to 110 mph) winds prior to hitting the coast.

Rain from Katia is expected to reach Mexico City late Saturday and into Sunday, however, the country’s high terrain along with way will see Katia weaken. She is not expected to reach the areas impacted by last night’s earthquake.