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Early contamination system for underground water proposed for Playa del Carmen

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — An early contamination detection system for underground water is being proposed to the government of Solidaridad.

A water quality monitoring system for various points of the city will be proposed by the Environment Commission during the city’s next session involving the technical committee of the Environmental Sanitation Trust.

Gustavo Maldonado Magaña, councilor for the environment trust says, “They are requesting that we have water quality monitoring with a set number of wells in what they call the backbone of the municipality of Solidaridad.

“To have a system for early detection of pollution and the type of contamination of the aquifer.”

He says the work already presented include technical considerations from two schools, Environmental Sciences and the civil association Centinelas del Agua. Details of the mapping will be presented by the alderman before the technical committee of the Environmental Sanitation Trust during its next meeting.

“The cost for each of the wells is about 1,800 peso, although I do not know how many there would be in total. But the investment in one year, including monitoring, was more than 2.5 million peso,” he said.

“At a country level, we would be the first municipality to have an early pollution warning system that allows us to make decisions and application of government policies, investment programming or what would be required to mitigate, eliminate and reverse this process,” said Maldonado Magaña.

Although he indicated that there are references that the aquifer is already contaminated to some degree, this instrument will allow them to know the source and have an approximation for a solution to the problem.