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Drunk driver hits police car as he approaches roadside check stop

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — A man driving along the Tulum-Playa del Carmen highway fell asleep at the wheel which resulted in his slamming into the rear end of a parked police car.

The accident happened on Friday night when police say a young man driving a car apparently fell asleep at the wheel and hit a parked federal vehicle. The parked police car was part of a roadside check stop set up for the Easter holiday crowds.

The young driver was recorded at 8:40 p.m. Friday hitting the police car, at which time, on-site officers called for an ambulance. While waiting, they found that the man fell asleep from intoxication.

Federal police agents reported the accident, noting that the driver appeared to be heavily intoxicated.

According to their report, the Renault Megane car with Yucatecan plates was headed in the direction of Tulum, but when it reached the height of the check stop, the drunk man lost control of his vehicle and crashed into the left rear side of the federal police car.

The patrol, which was stationed on the side of the road, received considerable material damage. The case was turned over to the General Prosecutor after an agreement between the two parties could not be reached.

Both units were towed to the impound. There were no injuries to the drunk driver or roadside police.