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Dreamworks after municipal permits to begin construction

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. – With federal and state permits in hand, project promoters Turquoise Tourist Operator will apply for the last permits required to begin building the new Dreamworks Theme Park.

“People are still betting on investing,” said municipal president Cristina Torres Gomez. “We have the big park that is going to start and they have already contacted me to tell us that they already have the federal and state permits but that they are missing municipal ones.

“Soon they will be announcing themselves and they will have many jobs both direct and indirect,” she added.

According to William Conrado Alarcón, director of Infrastructure, Urban Development and Environment, representatives of Turquoise Tourist Operators met with municipal authorities. He says that the complex will be an investment of more than $300 million USD.

“What we are seeing with this and other projects is that the investor bets on Solidaridad to keep growing and we have to shore them up. Authorizations will be made as long as they are within the law. I have been informed that the project does not exceed densities and has environmental regulations in order,” said Torres Gómez.

The park will be constructed at Punta Maroma over an area of ​​150 hectares but only 35 percent of the land will be developed. The rest will be for conservation according to the approved environmental impact statement.