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Dreams Puerto Morelos installs sign prohibiting public beach access

Puerto Morelos, Q.R. — For the third time in as many months, a hotel has breached federal rules by attempting to claim public beach property as their own.

The latest claim came from citizens who called Zofemat for Dreams Puerto Morelos who had posted a sign prohibiting free passage of the public in front of its hotel. Upon inspection, Zofemat forced the hotel to remove the sign, where they were attempting to illegally seize an extensive public beach area as private property.

A similar incident in Playa del Carmen occurred in August when a couple were told they could not sunbath in front of Le Reve Hotel at Xcalacoco. When the couple refused to leave, the hotel’s private security called municipal police, who forced the couple to move on.

This resulted in the municipality of Solidaridad retraining its municipal officers on federal beach rules, which states that all beach areas are under the rule of Zofemat and are public property.

In September, Azuls Five Hotel, also at Xcalacoco in north Playa del Carmen, built a retaining wall to sway public beachgoers from the front of their property. Zofemat also had that illegal wall removed.