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Dozens of Mexico City flights bound for Cancun canceled due to heavy fog

Mexico City, Mexico — Heavy fog has affected more than 60 flights out of Mexico City with many being canceled.

A massive fog bank that engulfed a large part of Mexico City caused either the cancellation or delay of dozens of flights out the the country’s capital, many of whom were bound for Cancun. The fog was so thick, pilots were unable to take off.

Mexico City International reported that a total of four Aeromexico flights to Cancun were canceled while two Aeromexico flights were delayed. The thick fog also created problems for other flights needing to land at the airport.

Others affected included three Vivaerobús flights, three Volaris, two Interjet flights, one from Magnicharter and one from Aeromexico Connect.

In a statement, Aeropuertos del Sureste (ASUR) reported that the heavy fog lasted more than four hours, temporarily suspending many of the operations at the Aeropuerto Internacional de la Ciudad de México (ACIM).

“Tómaloencuenta Due to a fog bank starting at 05:15 (local time) the operations are temporarily suspended,” ACIM reported at the time.

They added that take-offs were resumed after a three-hour delay while landings were resumed two hours later.

According to information on the Aeromexico website, a total of 75 domestic and international flights were affected due to weather issues in Mexico City. The airline reported that 66 flights were canceled and nine diverted.