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Dolphin died from suffocation after mistaking diaper for food

Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca — The body of a dolphin found washed up on a beach in Oaxaca died from suffocation after ingesting a diaper.

The body of the dolphin was spotted by fishermen and tourists on a beach in the municipality of San Pedro Mixtepec Saturday. After rushing to help the mammal, they had discovered it was already dead. Officers from Civil Protection arrived to investigate.

Photo: Oaxaca State Coordination of Civil Protection

According to Oaxaca State Coordination of Civil Protection, the dolphin suffocated after mistaking sea garbage for food. A review of the mammal resulted in the finding of a diaper stuck in its throat, which officers say, was likely the cause of its death.

The Federal Office of Environmental Protection says they will continue investigating the death of the dolphin.

According to data from the Aquae Foundation, every second, more than 200 kilos of plastics are thrown into the seas and oceans.