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Dogs no longer permitted on Puerto Morelos beaches

Puerto Morelos, Q.R. – Dogs on or off leash are no longer permitted on the beaches of Puerto Morelos.

Freshly installed signs posted along the beach warns dog owners of the new rules. Martin Asuncion of the Federal Maritime Land Zone (Zofemat) explained that there was an increase in the amount of dog visitors to the Puerto Morelos beaches, an increase that quickly became a big problem.

He says that while Cancun has a pet friendly beach, Playa del Carmen has a flat-out complete restriction on dogs accessing the beaches.

“The Animal Protection Law has already been signed and in their regulations, it states that it is forbidden for animals to be in the sand and to enter the sea, as this affects the ecosystem,” he noted.

Each beach entrance has a sign displaying the “no dogs allowed” symbol. Those who do not obey the new rules are subject to a fine. Until recently, dog owners were permitted to walk their dogs on the beach as long as the animals were leashed, however, dogs disturbing beachgoers has seen the rules change.

“We noticed that the dogs entered without a leash and disturbed the children who came to spend time on the beach,” Asuncion said. He also noted that while Puerto Morelos has Blue Flag beach status in their sights, they are considering a dog-friendly beach such as the one in Cancun.