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Dog farm shut down in Iztapalapa

Mexico City, Mexico — An illegal dog farm of Golden Retrievers has been closed in the city’s borough of Iztapalapa.

The dogs were found after a citizen complaint was made that someone was breeding dogs and that the place was not in good condition. Dione Anguiano, the delegate of Iztapalapa, reported that they visited the site and found 38 dogs confined in one pen, adding “the place was in terrible condition for its operation.”

Authorities said that the dogs were in a state of malnutrition and maltreatment, so they proceeded to remove them despite the nonconformity of the people who were inside the home.

The site where the dogs lived was made of dirt and lined with cages, conditions that undermine the welfare and dignity of the animals according to the Law of Protection of the Animals.

The dogs have been transferred to the veterinary clinic of the Government of Mexico City , located in the housing unit Vicente Guerrero.