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Doctors say gastrointestinal infections already up 20 percent

Cancun, Riviera Maya — Area doctors say they have recorded a 20 percent increase in gastrointestinal infections among the general population due to the high temperatures.

Dr. Adrián Rivera, a private pediatrician, says a spike of intestinal problems has been noted in the medical community as the outdoor temperatures increase. Dr. Rivera says that gastrointestinal diseases have registered an increase over last year, adding that in the cases to which he attends, he has seen an increase of at least 20 percent.

He says the increase is due to the increase in heat, which affects food. He says that in many cases, unhealthy conditions in the home are a cause for the infection.

During this time of year, hygiene is extremely important and can reverse the effects of intestinal infections when practiced on a regular basis. Sonia Vargas Torres, director of municipal health, says that people need to increase their care when dealing with food, especially food prepared for infants and the elderly.

Vargas Torres said that the staff are now in charge of training women in rural areas to address the issue of hygiene during the preparation of food consumed by their family.

She says that they are being given simple advice, which is to ensure the home refrigerator is functioning properly, that food is boiled properly and to ensure the consumption of plenty of water.

She reminds local citizens that we are in the middle of canicula and that August is forecast to be hotter than July.