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Disruptive passenger on Bogotá flight bound for Mexico City causes emergency landing in Cancun

Cancun, Q.R. — Passengers on a flight that had departed Bogotá for Mexico City were rerouted to Cancun Friday. The pilot of the Avianca flight requested an emergency landing at Cancun International after a passenger attempted to open a door.

The in-flight incident was videoed by passengers who watched flight crew subdue the man after he tried to open an emergency exit.

Afterward, the airline reported to Semana magazine that they made “an unplanned stop in Cancun with the aim of disembarking a disruptive passenger”.

The airline went on the explain that “during the flight, the behavior of the passenger and his intention to open one of the doors of the plane aroused the alert of the crew”. They said the man was subdued and removed from the plane to avoid the flight being endangered.

Upon arrival at Cancun International, the disruptive male passenger was arrested by Mexican authorities. “The passenger was made available to the competent authorities and the rest of the passengers continued their journey,” the airline said.

Details of what provoked the man to try and open the door were not provided. The airline also did not comment on the nationality of the unruly passenger.