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Disney’s Magic Kingdom opening new establishment

Disney’s Magic Kingdom has confirmed previous announcements that it will be adding another place for moms and dads to let loose.

The new restaurant will be taking over an already existing place being used by Advertureland Verandah and will be called “Skipper’s Cantina”. The eatery theme is based around the near-by Jungle Cruise attraction.

The back story to the skipper’s new cantina will revolve around how the jungle cruise skippers are so poorly paid by the Jungle Navigation Company and need to have a restaurant to earn a little extra money.

Located just around the corner from Disney’s Jungle Cruise ride, the new restaurant could end up being a continuation of the ride experience with fictional skippers and other boat operators acting as servers in their ‘other’ job.
It’s anticipated that the new establishment will likely have a counter service for lunch and table service for dinner guests, similar to the Beauty and the Beast themed Be Our Guest tavern.

Currently, the Be Our Guest tavern is the only place in the Magic Kingdom that serves alcohol. Expected to open sometime in November, the Skipper’s Cantina could be another option.

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