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Development management plan published for Isla Holbox, Yum Balam

Holbox, Q.R. — A management plan for the development of projects for Yum Balam has been published in the Official Gazette of the Federation.

Alejandrina Selém Salas, president of the Council of Holbox Development says that with the new management program, it will now be possible to organize tourist developments.

“There were three administrations and eight years of construction permits that were given without regulations. It is necessary to verify who has Environmental Impact Manifestations, who deforested, who did reforest and verify the last permits so that the legislation is applied,” he explained.

Selém Salas emphasized that what they sell in Holbox is nature, adding that they cannot allow a different type of project that is not nature related.

“Regulating a disorderly tourist development, maybe it’s not going to happen in two days, but this document will help the tourist developments to become orderly.

“If we cannot redeem the impact we have made, maybe we can compensate by reforesting, maybe looking for projects that are consistent not only with the urban image, but with the theme of nature and with the image of the tourist pole that we want give and keep,” he said.

Although there are already construction projects, which in some cases did not comply with environmental standards, what could be done now is to force them to compensate in another way, for example, reforesting the dune.

“Or that they make parks, that they make a nursery, that they do something, for example in Isla Pasión that they do something in Yalahau so it is not deteriorated by the people who go there.

“Those companies that started operating or built irregularly, rather than sanctioning them with money that is not going to be returned to the island, maybe they could compensate by investing in reforesting and rebuilding natural places,” he added.