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Deputy says Cancun, Playa del Carmen gas pipeline should be analyzed

Cancun, Q.R. — The proposal for an underground gas pipeline along the Yucatan Peninsula could be viable and should be carefully analyzed says local deputy.

The pipeline, which would run through the peninsula into Cancun and south to Playa del Carmen, would supply energy to the northern portion of the state of Quintana Roo. While proposed at a federal level, it has been opposed at the municipal level with one alderman calling it a time bomb.

Moisés Ramírez Heredia, Director of Civil Protection in Solidaridad says installing the gas pipeline would be putting a time bomb under the ground.

However independent deputy Juan Carlos Pereyra Escudero says the idea should not be closed as an investment option for the state. He says these projects are analyzed with very specific studies on soil mechanics and feels that it could be done under the right conditions.

He does say though, that if the project endangers the environment and underground river system, then it should not be considered, adding that the opinion of the municipalities should also be taken into consideration by the Energy Regulatory Commission.

He recalled a change of land use granted to Sonigas in 2016 by the municipal government of Mauricio Góngora Escalante. Pereyra Escudero says the company was granted land to install a gas plant with two 250,000 meter-capacity tanks along the road to Merida.

That project should also be analyzed, he says adding that before the change of land use, it was a nature reserve.