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Dengue fever cases increase for state of Quintana Roo

Cancun, Q.R. – The state’s Secretary of Health has reported a significant increase in the number of known dengue cases.

So far this year, health officials have confirmed 288 cases, compared to only 130 for the same period in 2014. The number of reported cases has come suddenly, with an increase of 67 percent in the last few weeks alone.

Moisés Toledo Pensamiento, director of the Regional Hospital of IMSS, says that in the first two weeks of August, there have already been five diagnosed cases.

Toledo Pensamiento says that, “The problem is that we’re experiencing a longer season which is allowing more time for it to become an endemic.”

At the General Hospital, there are 12 other people currently undergoing testing for dengue. They arrived at the hospital with many of the common symptoms, which is why they are being treated as suspected cases.

Jorge Gutiérrez Contreras, director of Sanitary district No. 2, says more spraying is necessary. He says, “The areas where we will work will be Puerto Morelos and the regions 56, 102, 103 and 228 of Cancun. We will begin daily spraying in the most probable areas while doing health promotion. The prevention for malaria is also done.”

He said other preventative actions that have taken place include the treatment of mangroves. He advises everyone to flip, drain, flush and cover any containers where water is stored, including buckets, cans, flower vases, tubs, pots and containers for pets. He says to wash them with a brush, soap and water to sweep away the eggs that may exist on these items.

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