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Democratic Revolution Party says its well positioned in state

Cancun, Q.R. — Members of the Democratic Revolution Party say PRI politicians may not survive the next election due to the application of justice that has been applied by the current Quintana Roo government.

Ángel Ávila Romero, secretary general of the national Democratic Revolution Party, says that previous corrupt administrations should fear a loss in the upcoming elections in Quintana Roo. He explained that due to the work of state governor Carlos Joaquin, many of those who looted from the state have either been put in jail or have been marked.

“We see a governor who is cleaning house, fighting the past corruption and recovering real estate and resources for the state of Quintana Roo. We will continue to support the work of Governor Carlos Joaquím,” he said.

He pointed out that Quintana Roo has always been a good place for the Democratic Revolution Party and what matters most is that they to continue responding to citizens with solid projects of common benefit and combat social inequalities as Governor Carlos Joaquin has done.

He said the PRD is well positioned and that is largely because Governor Carlos Joaquin has responded to the citizens.

“Today the Borg supporters who have ties are marked and those that have been proven with acts of corruption are in jail.”